End of year evaluation...

I've found my learning curve this year to be considerably steeper than that of last year and the results of this rapid learning have left me with mixed feelings of my own practice, and how i see myself progressing as a graphic designer.
After trawling through this years work, to formulate a suitable PDF portfolio to send out to possible placement opportunity's, i have found myself becoming very critical of my work and what i have produced this year. I struggled to find five pieces of work that i could confidently say that i am "proud" of, but from what i did pick i noticed a recurring style of design, that i'm beginning to regard as "safe". I can't help but feel that trying to keep in mind achieving high marks has overall, looking back, been a mistake and what i feel is patly to blame for the lack of innovation i can't help but see in my own work. Thankfully i see this as something i'm glad to realise sooner rather than later and i feel this year has been very beneficial for me on many levels.
I've enjoyed learning a whole set of new software and processes, further extending my knowledge of typography and gaining a greater insight into what i'm about as a designer. The weaknesses that i see in my work i feel are balanced by the positives of this year, and i feel i'm competent enough to realise how i can actively address my weakness, which makes me very much look forward to next year.
I intend my dissertation to focus on the area of culture jamming as i enjoy seeing clever ideas and whitty concepts used in design, and this is something i feel i would like to incorporate more into my work. I hoping to further advance my knowledge of this subject over summer, as well as gather further motivation and momentum in my own practice to carry forward into the third year.

Texpert posters

My poster resolution for the texperts brief, the highlight on the magenta looks nothing as bold as bold as it does here, obviously some internet matrix thing... :/

Armed to the teeth... grrr.

I spent some time (well actually quite a bit) playing video games over Easter. It gave me some ideas for posters, which this is one of them, but i'm thinking about possibly making this into a t-shirt too.


I like ironman, so naturally I'd like this.

Make something everyday

I cool website about a guy who makes something new everyday, something i would love to be able to do.


Strange photography

I came across these unusual photo's. I would guess photoshop was used at some point.


T - shirts

I have recently become a lot more interested in t-shirt designs, as i'm in need of a few new tee's myself. being a student (and a poor one at that) i can't really afford to buy any, but i can afford to make my own. I've come across some cool websites for ideas.